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Thank you for your patience while we update our screenshots to the new look. The functionality remains the same, just the look has changed.

The Dashboard option Today's Daily Report will display the columns of ItemToday, and Total, with the rows displaying:

  • Reported Workers on Site and Reported Visitors on Site - if you are using the HT Signin app, select these numbers to be taken straight to today's Signin Book. This number will tell you how many workers/visitors are currently signed in (and haven't signed out yet).
  • User Diary Entry Status - Your own User Diary. Select 'Not Completed' to be taken to the main Site Diary page to add your entry for today.
  • Site Diaries Completed Today - all Main Contractor User Diaries that have been completed.
  • Forecast - taken from BOM based on the weather settings selected in Administration > Project Management.
  • Injuries, Incidents, Equipment Inducted, Workers Inducted, Workers Deactivated - the total logged today as well as total amount in the project
  • Subcontractors with workers onsite today and Subcontractors with no workers onsite today - amount of Subcontractors that have either had workers sign in using the Signin App, or had hours entered against them manually in the Site Diary today.


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