2016 - September Release Detailed Notes

1. New Feature - [SMM-1619] Safety Plan Management - Previously HammerTech allowed a single Safety Management Plan to be associated to an Employer (subcontractor) across all their active projects.  Based on customer feedback, we’ve enhanced this in a big way, by introducing a new workflow to manage Safety Management Plans. This allows submissions of project-specific Safety Management Plans by subcontractors, a review process (including a checklist), the ability to approve/reject a safety management plan. The new feature enjoys increased oversight, thanks to a new dashboard item focused solely on Safety Management Plans, and by adding the status of the Safety Plan submission to the new Employer Management dashboard item (described below).  To find out more informatioClick Here.

2. New Feature - [SMM-1755] Dashboard Employer Management - Managing your Employers (subcontractors) pre-commencement activities has never been easier, with the new dashboard option available now. The dashboard option provides you an overview of upcoming Employers starting in the future, allowing you quickly determine if insurances have been provided, SWMS have been submitted, Safety Plans have been submitted and their workers have undertaken their registration/induction. If you want to know how to configure your dashboard items Click Here.  To find out more information about the Employer Management Dashboard Click Here.

3. New Feature - [SMM-1209] Site Diary / Weather - We’ve made a number of exciting enhancements to the weather and forecast system:

  • We have added over 700 new locations for weather stations within the system for selection, in particular in regional areas, this will help improve the accuracy and relevancy of weather data for your site, by being able to select a closer location.
  • Weather observations, for your site’s selected location, are added automatically to your site diary and public home page, and are updated automatically throughout the day – this includes min/max temperatures, wind speeds, and maximum wind gusts.
  • We recommend clients check the observation and forecast locations for their projects to ensure they have selected the most suitable weather locations to receive the most accurate data.

 To find out how to configure the observation and forecast locations for your new projects / existing projects Click Here.

4. New Feature - [SMM-1545] Plant Management - You can now track plant servicing by operating hours  - last service hours, current hours, next service hours.  Additionally by providing average working hours per day and how many days per week, the system will automatically calculate the approximate next service date for alerts. To find out more informatioClick Here.

5. New Feature - [SMM-1858] Registration/Induction - You can now quickly send an SMS straight to a new workers phone, with a link to complete the online registration / induction. This little request made by a client saves you time by not having to explain to the worker where to complete their induction (if they arrive without having completed their online induction/registration). To find out more information Click Here.

6. New Feature - [SMM-1961] Employer Self Service - We have added in the ability for Employers (subcontractors) to easily find a list of their personnel that have expired licences in the system.  This allows them to easily update details, when they are notified which in turn helps everyone.

7. New Feature - [SMM-1961] General (Browser Cookies) - Since its initial release security features in HammerTech have required browser cookies to be enabled, for the vast majority of users this requires no action on their behalf. However a small number of users may of accidently or deliberately disabled cookies in their browser; this caused them issues when trying to access HammerTech. After receiving some support requests recently, related to users of the system having disabled cookies on their device (computer, mobile or tablet),  we have now developed a feature, which detects if the device has cookies disabled and notifies the user to not enter any data into the system (which can’t be saved without cookies), until it is rectified.  We automatically provide step by step instructions covering a range of browsers, to assist the user. To find out more information Click Here

8. Improvement - [SMM-1995] Dashboard - We have improved the dashboard items layout, to ensure that no matter what device you are viewing them on, the layout, alignment and details are always displayed as we intended them to be seen.

9. Improvement - [SMM-1690] Safety Walk- We received some feedback from clients that it would be great to be able to have negative and positive safety issues grouped together. We’ve listened and updated the safety issue lists and reporting to group positive and negative issues together.

10. Improvement - [SMM-1946] Registration / Induction- We have improved the matching of details for workers undertaking a quick induction in the system, ensuring that if the same details are entered but in a slightly different way, that the matching can still occur. 

11. Improvement - [SMM-1787] User Management- We had feedback from clients that the user role of 'Safety Manager' was confusing them, we’ve listened, and now the name of this role has been updated to be titled 'Standard User'. Everyone can now cheer!

12. Plus 27 'Bug Fixes' and Small Changes.




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