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Reporting to Relevant Authority allows you to input the reference number and date when an incident is created in Hammertech.



Create a New Incident

  1. Log into HammerTech.
  2. Select your required project from the project selector.
  3. Go to INCIDENTS > Create New.
  4. Choose the Date of Incident and select Create.
  5. Navigate through the form to the Needs to be Reported to Relevant Authority question.

Report an Incident to Relevant Authority

  1. Click Yes to the option Needs to be Reported to Relevant Authority.
  2. Select the Blue button stating Report to Relevant Authority.


3. Choose the Record Date Reported for the reportable incident and click Save.



4. Submit the Reference Number given to you by the Relevant Authority.


Note: You can submit the Report to Relevant Authority after the incident is created by going directly to the Incident and click the Blue Cog to select Edit.



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