2016 - October Release Detailed Notes

1. New Feature - [SMM-1987] Individual Site Diary Employer List Management & 2. New Feature - [SMM-1989] Individual Site Diary to Add Progress Reports / Photos Against Employers - Managing your subcontractor (Employer) updates as an individual within the site diary has never been easier, with the release of these new features.  Individuals now have the ability to manage their own list of subcontractors, whom they are responsible for and capture updates, in the form of text and pictures against each specific entity. This information is displayed within the main 'Site Diary' view under the previous generic update text and pictures, it is also stored underneath the specific subcontractor in the 'Site Diary'

To find out more information about individual user management of employer lists Click Here.

3. New Feature - [SMM-2001] Ability to configure Licences/Tickets to Require Photo Evidence & 4. New Feature - [SMM-2002] Ability to configure Licences/Tickets Photos as Mandatory as part of Registration - Based on feedback from clients, we have listened and delivered functionality allowing you additional options when configuring Licences / Tickets.  The new functionality enables you to now control and specify which items should have accompanying photographic evidence as an option and also the ability to enforce workers to upload the evidence as a part of a new registration, blocking their submission until at least one image has been provided.  *note that configuring mandatory upload of photographic evidence, may cause some workers to require additional assistance.

To find out how to configure licences / tickets within HammerTech as a 'Admin' user  Click Here.

5. New Feature - [SMM-1924] Ability to Archive Projects which are No Longer Active - We have introduce a feature only for 'Admin' users, where by projects within the HammerTech platform can now 'Archived'.   Archived projects are removed from the public project list and also from the project selector from assigned users and the data is frozen as 'read only'.  You can still access the project as an 'Admin' user and run reports on the project.  

To find out how to 'Archive' as a 'Admin' user Click Here.

6. New Feature - [SMM-1904] Added Description to Booking Board - The 'Bookings' board both on the public / secure boards and within the Android application, have been updated to include the text entered into the 'description' field of the booking request.  This change aims to help you manage logistics and communication with the details of the request at hand.

7. New Feature - [SMM-1988] Assign Multiple Employers to Single Safety Management Plan - We introduced a new workflow component to the system in September, allowing you to manage the submission, review and acceptance of Safety Management Plans.  We have added a feature to the new component this month, where by multiple Employers can be assigned to a single Safety Management Plan instance.  Similar to SWMS, there are occasions in which you need the ability to do so and we have ensured that you have the flexibility to undertake your job.

To find out how to assign multiple 'Employers' to a Safety Management Plan Click Here.

8. New Feature - [SMM-1704] Ability to Sort and Filter Employer List by Start Date and Name - Finding the needle in the haystack (or Employer) has been simplified with the addition of a new filter option within the Employer lists (Active & Deactivated).  You now have the ability to filter the list by status and sort by Name or Start Date.

To find out more Click Here.

9. Improvement - [SMM-1569] Ability to Expand Pictures within Plant Inspections and Site Diary Entries - Users now have the ability to expand those thumbnail pictures captured within a Plant Inspection or Site Diary entry, allowing you to see the detail without the requirement of saving and downloading the image.

10. Improvement - [SMM-1834] When Adding or Importing an Employer Ability to Search Entire String not just First Word - When adding or searching for an existing Employer to import onto a project, we have improved the way that the search functions.  No need for long winded explanations here, the search now works better!

11. Improvement - [SMM-2022] Site Diary's Group by Month except Current Month - The long list of daily site diary entries has now been nicely organised and grouped into respective months.  The current months daily entries are shown individually, but previous months are grouped for each of navigation.

12. Improvement - [SMM-1966] Ability for Standard User to Deactivate Employers - Whilst users with 'admin' privileges at either a company or project level had the ability to deactivate employers, 'standard users' have previously had this feature restricted.  You requested and once we have consulted with our customer base we have delivered, 'standard users' can now deactivate and reactivate employers on a project, allowing for more flexibility in the management of the HammerTech system between users. 

13. Improvement - [SMM-1685] Removed Default Selection on SWMS Assignment in Registration - Previously when reviewing a worker registration form and selecting SWMS that the worker will be undertaking as a part of their role on the site, the system automatically selected the option of 'Just assign to SWMS'.  Based on our observations in training sessions and in external audits, it seems that this sometimes caused the user believing they had completed all the required steps and signatures were not being captured of the worker to confirm their understanding of the SWMS at a later time.  We have decided to remove this default selection and enforce the user whom is responsible for reviewing the registration form and assigning SWMS, to select the appropriate option.

14. Improvement - [SMM-2063] Changed Method Safety Issue Picture Auto-Upload to Save Memory - We are constantly at looking for ways to improve the overall user experience.  This change made recently, changes the way that we compress photos and should lead to a smoother user experience and a reduction in memory usage, especially on mobile devices.  We will continue as always to monitor this new feature and ensure it has its desired effect, initial results seem promising!

15. Plus 22 'Bug Fixes' and Small Changes (updated dashboard item UI and improved mobile scrolling for tables).

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