2018 - January Release Detailed Notes

  1. Improvement - [SMM-3189] - Within Documents, you can now more easily manage and navigate through your documents by collapsing and expanding the folders so that you don't need to scroll through a large list.
  2. New Feature – [SMM-3131] – As a company administrator, you now have the ability to group projects into regions - creating, editing and deleting them, and building a hierarchy, so that you can more effectively represent your company structure.
  3. New Feature - [SMM-3311] - When utilising regions, you have the ability to customize/replace the custom field template for worker and employer forms on a per region basis.
  4. New Feature - [SMM-3310] - Ability to customize particular settings by region - in this case the Welcome Email text can now be customized per region. 
  5. Improvement - [SMM-3262] - When downloading the Employer Status Report, there are now three additional columns that reflect the number of permits applied for and approved, as well as any functions that have been associated with an employer, allowing you to more effectively manage your subcontractors.
  6. Improvement - [SMM-3291] - SDS Statistics have also been added to the Employer Status Report
  7. New Feature - [SMM-3163] - As a Main Contractor, when viewing a worker's profile you'll be able to see the status of any JHAs that have been assigned to them - whether or not they have been signed, and the date.
  8. New Feature - [SMM-2699] - As a Main Contractor, you can now request to have a feature turned on so that any JHAs submitted will need to go through two stages (initial and final) of review, each based on the same checklist with the option to accept or reject at any stage. The Dashboard and status of JHAs have been updated to reflect this as well.
  9. New Feature - [SMM-3174] - To improve the user's experience, in certain circumstances the page will now scroll to any validation errors, on forms with custom or required fields.
  10. New Feature - [SMM-3145] - As a Main Contractor, you have the ability to export the list of JHAs into excel as per the filters that you have selected under JHAs > View All.
  11. New Feature - [SMM-3238] - As an Administrator, to make it easier when configuring custom forms or checklist types, there is now a numbering system for each field or question added, so when adding a new field, you can enter an index number for it to move to and the rest move down.
  12. New Feature - [SMM-1646] - Main Contractor users now have the ability to see within a worker's profile, who was responsible for approving the induction on each specific project - showing the user's first name, last name, and the date.
  13. New Feature - [SMM-3201] - When configuring Checklist Types within HSEQ Inspections, admins now have the option of including a question type of signature and signature & name.
  14. Bug - [SMM-3210] - If a nominated representative account has been added but not activated, users will now still able to edit and change the email (in case it was entered incorrectly).
  15. Bug - [SMM-3266] - JHA updates are now more resilient where previously there were some cases where delays due to notification issues were causing it to time out without saving.
  16. Bug - [SMM-3251] - Where previously it wasn't always clear, users will now receive a clear warning if they try to create a permit or booking and they select a zone via the diagram that isn't associated with that particular permit type.
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