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As a General contractor, you have the ability to force JHAs to go through two stages of review prior to being accepted.

Note: This is a feature flag that is not turned on by default. To request this feature, send an email to

Once this has been set up, any JHAs submitted by a subcontractor will require an initial review, followed by a final review from the General contractor, before being accepted. Each review is based on the same checklist, with the ability to accept or reject at both stages. To see how to configure a JHA review checklist go to Configure A Checklist For Reviewing A JHA

If a JHA is rejected at any stage of the review process, the subcontractor will receive a notification to review, and then the option to resubmit the rejected JHA. Once it gets resubmitted, it will go back to the General contractor to begin the same review again. For example, if it is rejected upon final review, and the subcontractor then resubmits the JHA, it will go back to 'Pending Final Review' from the Main Contractor.

As the reviewer, you can leave any notes or attachments for the subcontractor to check upon rejection of the JHA to ensure it gets amended correctly.


To view a list of all JHAs that require a review, navigate to JHAs > Review Pending, or alternatively, you can set up your Dashboard to display all Outstanding JHAs (this Dashboard option is set up to show you exactly how many JHAs require review at each stage (Initial and Final review).

In the last column you'll be able to see the Status of the JHAs:

  • Pending Initial Review 
  • Pending Final Review
  • Accepted
  • Rejected 

To begin a review, select the relevant JHA from the list, navigate to the blue cog in the top right corner and select Review.


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