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Job titles are a company wide feature that can be set up in your system, making it simple and more consistent when workers complete their registration form.

When setting up job titles, you are able to associate them with any licenses that have been set up, making them mandatory when a worker selects that particular title in their registration form.

This is a company wide feature. To manage your company's licenses:

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > Administration > Job Titles (only Administrators can access this menu item)
  • To add a new Job Title, select the Plus sign in the top right corner
  • Type in a name for the Job Title and tick any Mandatory Licenses/Certifications/Tickets that you want to be made mandatory for that particular Job Title (The list you see here will reflect all those that have been set up under Administration > License Types - (see Creating And Managing Licences)
  • Select +Create
  • To edit a Job Title, select it from the list then use the blue cog in the top right to select > Edit. From here, you can change the name and add or remove any mandatory licences. You can also select the blue cog again to > Delete.
  • In the list of Job Titles, you can easily see how many workers are associated with each, so you know which titles are in use - see below.


If you want to merge any existing Job Titles:

  • Select the blue cog in the top right corner and > Merge
  • From here, select the two Job Titles you want to merge and create the name for the new Job Title that will be created
  • Any Mandatory Licenses associated with those two titles will be automatically ticked, however you can remove or add to these options before selecting 'Save Changes'


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