2018 - February Release Detailed Notes

  1. New Feature - [SMM-2936] - Permit Start and Finish Checklists now use the new Checklist Type system, allowing for greater customization.
  2. Improvement - [SMM-3271] - When Employer admins are creating workers on a project, the system will by default add any compulsory licenses - the same as those that would be displayed within a public induction form.
  3. Improvement - [SMM-3411] - Project search option is now always on when a company has more than 6 projects, (can still opt in for this feature before this number is reached).
  4. Improvement - [SMM-3392] - With the Confidential data flag turned on, Main Contractor users are still able to export worker profiles to pdf.
  5. New Feature - [SMM-1611] - For custom expiry fields, the name of the field now has a set limit so it aligns properly on the dashboard when the expiry occurs.
  6. Improvement - [SMM-3400] - The Inspections list has been updated to include: location, issues raised, open issues, closed issues, date created, date completed/submitted, date last issue resolved, and status.
  7. Improvement - [SMM-3410] - When an inspection is submitted, the date the inspection was submitted/completed is recorded so that it can be displayed and reported on.
  8. New Feature - [SMM-3407] - Within Administration > Checklist Types it is now possible to filter by the type to make it easier to view and locate different checklists.
  9. New Feature - [SMM-3420] - There is now a new dashboard item for equipment servicing, where you can filter by the due date and easily see the Service Type, ID# and Equipment Type of items requiring upcoming servicing.
  10. New Feature - [SMM-3425] - In the list of job titles, company admins are able to view the number of workers associated with each title, to easily see which titles are in use.
  11. Improvement - [SMM-3235] - Subcontractor users are now able to send a link to their workers to complete the induction, after they have completed the registration for them, so that they can view the slides/videos and do the test.
  12. Improvement - [SMM-3432] - The Inspection Issues page now uses continuous scroll, to improve performance and speed of list loading.
  13. Improvement - [SMM-3383] - As a public user, you can now see both the interactive and non-interactive versions of the Booking and Permit Maps. 
  14. New Feature - [SMM-3406] - Workers who have been added to a project can now complete a Quick Registration to take them through any inductions set up (without having to be approved in a project elsewhere) - making it easier when workers arrive on site.
  15. Bug - [SMM-3360] - There were some scenarios when editing or creating a draft plant inspection, where compulsory custom fields were being enforced when saving.
  16. Bug - [SMM-3435] - For a brief period, users were unable to scroll horizontally when viewing Issues.
  17. Bug - [SMM-3434] - Subcategories in statistics report was not filtering for selected projects.
  18. Bug - [SMM-3399] - In some cases, editing a new sms or email bulletin, before it had been delivered, and selecting "publish now", blocked the bulletin from actually being delivered.
  19. Bug - [SMM-2621] - When creating equipment the licenses should be listed alphabetically.
  20. Bug - [SMM-3450] - The Unique ID within Equipment Inductions is now project specific, rather than company wide.

+26 Other Improvements & Small Bug-Fixes

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