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As a General contractor admin user, you have the ability to configure permit zones on any site diagrams that have been uploaded (see Project > Upload Site Diagram (including Interactive)).

The configured maps are available for users to view when applying for permits - allowing them to easily visualise and select the zone/s they are applying for.

To configure a zone on your map:

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > PERMITS > Configure Zones
  • Select one of the zones that has been created (if you need to create the zone still, see Permits To Work > Creating Permits To Work for instructions).
  • Beneath the Advanced Diagram Options you will see where you can select the relevant Site Diagram


  • The next field titled Polygon is where the coordinates for the zone will be input - Select the blue Edit button next to that field to obtain the coordinates.
  • Once the map and polygon editor appears, select the points or corners of the zone on the map. A square or rectangle shaped zone would have four points (see below)
  • On the left hand side you will notice the coordinates being plotted as you click. You will also be able to see the zone taking shape as you go. If you want to remove a point, select the blue X to the right of the coordinates. You will then be able to try and select the point again.


  • Once the zone has been saved, when you select View Diagram (either when configuring zones or applying for a permit) you will see the any zones that have been set up this way. When applying for a permit, instead of ticking the box next to the zones, you can click the zone directly on the map to select it.


Note: The name of the zone will automatically appear in the centre of the coordinates. However, the TextCentrePoint (coordinates) and TextRotationInDegrees (degree of rotation) fields allow you to reposition the text within the zone.

Text Centre Point - to get the coordinates for the text centre point, Edit the polygon and select a point in zone where you want the text to appear. Copy the coordinates that appear on the left before cancelling out. Now paste those coordinates into the Text Centre Point field.

Text Rotation In Degrees - enter the number of degrees you want the text rotated (clockwise), e.g 180 for 180 degrees, or 90 for 90 degrees, and save changes.

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