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Within a Meeting, you have the ability to capture the meeting attendees either by uploading evidence of the attendees (an attendance register or photo of the group) or by capturing each attendees signature individually.

As an added functionality of capturing meeting attendees, each attendee can be assigned a Location/s. This can be used for identifying where each person will be on site that day.

This article will explain the different attendee options and the added functionality for each method.


Before following these instructions, make sure the following requirements have been met.

  • Your system has Meeting Types configured and ready for you to use. If these have not been configured, speak to the System Admin of your company to request this.

Note: If you will be assigning locations to meeting attendees, create the Location Hierarchy for your project, before you proceed. For further guidance on how to do this, see Project > Setting Up Location Hierarchies

To Enable Attendee Locations

  • Go to Administration > Meeting Types
  • select the Meeting from the list
  • Tick the Is Attendee Locations Enabled
  • Then select Save Changes



Once you have created your Meeting, scroll down to the Meeting Attendance section where you will be able to select your Evidence Type.

To add ALL signed in workers and/or visitors as attendees:

For those using the HT Sign-in app - there is an option to add All Signed in Workers and/or All Signed-in Visitors to the Meeting Attendee list. 

When utilised for Inducted Workers, the Personnel page for each worker will hold a record of each Meeting they attended. This option also allows for workers to be assigned a Location/s - see ...

  • Select Individual worker Signatures
  • Select whether you would like to capture signatures for the meeting via the Sign In App
  • Select the blue Add Attendee button
  • Within the pop-up, select All Signed-in Workers and/or All Signed-in Visitors
  • Then select Addmceclip2.png

Note: If you select one of the checkboxes to add ‘All Signed-in Workers' or ‘All Signed-in Visitors’, you will no longer be able to select Individual Workers. Select the Add Attendee button again afterwards, to continue adding Individual workers.

To add individual attendees:

Use this option to capture the signature of each attendee.

When utilised for Inducted Workers, the Personnel page for each worker will hold a record of each Meeting they attended.  This option also allows for workers to be assigned a Location/s - see ...

  • select Individual worker Signatures
  • select the blue Add Attendee button
  • within the Individual Workers section, select the Employer of the attendee from the first drop-down menu
  • Add any Personnel from the second drop-down menu (this will be populated after selecting an option from the first drop-down menu) or press select all. You can continue selecting different Employers and Personnel until you have added all attendees.
  • If the attendee has not been inducted then enter their name in the 'Other' text boxmceclip1.png

Capturing signatures options:

You have the option to have attendees either...
a) sign on a device at the meeting
b) sign as part of their check in to the site via the Sign In App

  • If you want to use the Sign In App to capture signatures for the meeting, make sure you select that option in the Meeting Attendance section.
    Note: You need to have previously set this up in the Meeting Types section (located in Administration)
  • To have them sign at the meeting on a device click the 'Sign' icon next to their name and have them sign. To make finding workers easier, each worker should show up below their assigned Employer
    Note: If the meeting has already been created, after adding attendees you must save and return to the meeting to add any signatures on the details page.
  • You can delete an attendee by selecting the red X next to their entrymceclip4.png


 To upload photo evidence:

  • select Upload Photo Evidence of Attendance/Signatures
  • select the blue +Add Photo Evidence button
  • Press Choose File and either use your devices camera to take a photo or navigate through your documents to find the relevant file
  • You can add multiple files by selecting +Add Photo Evidence again
  • The file or image that is attached can also be clicked on to view an expanded version


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