How Do I Change The Login Details On My Sign-in Device?

Thank you for your patience while we update our screenshots to the new look. The functionality remains the same, just the look has changed.

If you want to start using your sign-in device on a different project, you will need to make sure you change the configuration details in the app so that they align with the new project. 

To change the configuration details in the HT Sign-in app, complete the below instructions on your device:

  • Open the HT Sign-in app on your device
  • Go to the blue cog, in the top left of the HT Sign-in app home screen
  • Enter the 4 digit setup pin - 5678


  • You will then be taken to an intial setup page, prompting you for log in details
  • Enter the log in details for your project, or scan the QR Code

Note: for instructions on how to set up or find your log in details, see Sign-in App > Managing Your Devices


  • Select the checkbox if you want the HT Sign-in app to record Visitors Only, or leave this checkbox blank to record Visitors and Workers.
  • Once everything is completed, select Update
  • Your sign-in device has now been updated.
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