August 3rd 2018 - Product Update

New Feature: You can now bulk export all photos uploaded to your site diary for a date range. You can also export all photos from inspections for that day/date-range. Note: this functionality is only available to customers not using "custom fields" in their site diary.
New Feature: Safety Management Plan checklists now support "text only" headings to improve readability.
Improvement: Improved performance with multiple users approving workers from the same project during peak periods.
Improvement: When importing recipients or attendees for inspections, they are now imported from the previous inspection of the same type on the project, not the previous inspection of any type on the project.
Bug Fix: Resolved an issue where some inspection reports weren't showing photos.
Bug Fix: The total hours in the statistics report could in some configurations show an erroneously inflated value.
Bug Fix: Some screen sizes had trouble selecting the year drop down for issue and expiry dates for worker licences.
Bug Fix: Workers that didn't have an employer set when completing the registration, couldn't be imported onto other projects until they had their employer set.

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