October 9th 2018 - Product Update

  1. Improvement - [SMM-3792] - Behavioral change in meetings so that attendee signatures are captured in the same way as JHA signatures - available on details page and saves automatically.
  2. Improvement[SMM-3891] - The Issues report within HSEQ Inspections, will now display the question listed as well as the description entered.
  3. New Feature[SMM-3200] -When configuring a checklist there is now a question type of 'Single line free text' for better customization.
  4. Improvement[SMM-3734] -When archiving a project there is text to advise users the action is not reversible so they are aware.
  5. New Feature[SMM-3744] -When viewing the site diary the wording now reads 'employer' not 'subcontractor' as not all are subcontractors.
  6. New Feature - [SMM-3743] -When creating inspections, 'subcontractor' is now replaced with 'employer'.
  7. Bug Fix - [SMM-3820] - Standard users missing authorization to use Email Test.
  8. Bug Fix - [SMM-3814] -Some imported personnel were showing as 'Test Incomplete' when company induction had been completed previously under another project.
  9. Bug - [SMM-3764] - Could add Primary Contacts for deactivated employers.
  10. Bug Fix - [SMM-3709] - Layout issue on SDS page where text was overlaying Choose file button.
  11. Bug Fix -  [SMM-3547] - Issues raised as 'already resolved' were showing priority of Low.
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