October 18th 2018 - Product Update

  1. New Feature - [SMM-3809] - Company admins now have the ability to delete certain items from the system including, completed inspections, issues, permits, bookings, and meetings.
  2. New Feature - [SMM-3803] - System fields for Injuries can now be customized so that certain fields that aren't required can be hidden on the form.
  3. New Feature - [SMM-3827] - When generating a PDF report for an inspection, users have the option to generate a report that includes child inspections.
  4. New Feature - [SMM-3824] - Users are now able to raise an injury without specifying the injured person, in case they aren't an inducted worker.
  5. New Feature - [SMM-3828] - Users who join an inspection can now add attendees and recipients to the inspection.
  6. Improvement - [SMM-821] - Users uploading videos to use in inductions now have the ability to just use standard vimeo/youtube links rather than the embedded link for better usability.
  7. Improvement - [SMM-3095] - Ability to filter Meetings by meeting type, so that meetings can be organised and viewed more easily.
  8. Improvement - [SMM-3633] - Users can now add new licences to worker profiles without requiring access and having to select 'View Additional Confidential Data'.
  9. Improvement - [SMM-1773] - When making changes to JHA the 'Are JHA Updates Material Changes?' checkbox will now be selected by default and prompt the user to confirm this, noting it will send out notifications to workers and require resign.
  10. Improvement - [SMM-3795] - Predefined template list when creating an issue within HammerTech is now organised alphabetically.
  11. Bug Fix - [SMM-3775] - Permit list was showing some cancelled permits with a status of 'draft'.
  12. Bug Fix - [SMM-3801] - Fixed the message displayed if an 'Other Observation' was raised against an internal user within inspection.
  13. Bug Fix - [SMM-3810] - In some cases after an issue type was deleted, it was creating duplicate filter options in the project.
  14. Bug Fix - [SMM-3799] - Training Matrix report at a project level will no longer show the company wide region and project selection dropdowns.
  15. Bug Fix - [SMM-3302] - Date Display for Daily Report PDFs in the US now in correct format.
  16. Bug Fix - [SMM-3428] - Fixed issue on devices with small screensizes, where new custom fields that were added were not responsive due to layout issue. 
  17. Bug Fix - [SMM-3823] - Issue with removing certain Site Diagrams when zones that were deleted were still associated with them.
  18. Bug Fix - [SMM-2670] - Replaced SWMS terminology to JHA on the PDF extract for personnel in US environments.
  19. Bug Fix - [SMM-3322] - You can't add multiple attachments to some injuries inside the injuries popup when editing an incident.
  20. Bug Fix - [SMM-3830] - Users can now review SDS without any employer assigned.
  21. Bug Fix - [SMM-3831] - Users can now review SDS + safety plans from employers that have since been deactivated.
  22. Bug Fix - [SMM-3832] - Should allow primary contacts to be added without a last name, and shouldn't block sending welcome emails to primary contacts without a last name.
  23. Bug Fix - [SMM-3817] - When removing a nominated rep, if the user isn't active on any other projects, they should be marked as inactive.
  24. Bug Fix - [SMM-3804] - Users can remove their notifications from the notifications box without them reappearing.
  25. Bug Fix - [SMM-3833] - Checklists with sub-inspections will only show as complete once the assigned inspection has been completed.
  26. Bug Fix - [SMM-3766] - Issue with deleting some folders that had deleted documents still associated.
  27. Bug Fix - [SMM-3829] - Some workers showing different status when using search rather than the lists.
  28. Bug Fix - [SMM-3839] - Checklist header displaying incorrect status in certain cases. 
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