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As a Main Contractor Admin, it is possible to customize your own section within the system to capture any information you require that doesn't fit into any of the standard system sections. For example, other required subcontractor documentation, Registers, ITPs, Monthly Compliance Certificates, etc.

If this is something you are wanting to implement in your HammerTech system, reach out to your Accounts or Implementation Specialist to discuss how this can best be used to suit your business.

You will first need to create a Custom Section, and then Custom Section Types with checklists and custom fields to link to the section. See the instructions below.

To configure a Custom Section:

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > Administration > Custom Sections
  • Enter in the name of the Section - this will appear as a menu item on the left hand side of the system if you tick the Show In Menu checkbox underneath.

  • If you only want this section to show up within Company Overview and not within any projects, tick the Company Only checkbox next to Applicable To
  • Specific Project(s) will allow you to select the Applicable Projects or Regions that are relevant to the section
  • Select Save Changes to finish creating the section - There are instructions below to see how to create Available Custom Section Types, and link them to the section you have just created.

To configure Custom Section Types: (these can show up as sub-menu items below the main Custom Sections you create above)

  • Navigate using the left hand menu to > Administration > Custom Section Types
  • Enter in a name for the Section Type and below that use the dropdown to link it to the relevant Custom Section you have already created
  • Tick the relevant settings you would like applied:
  • Show In Menu - If you want the option to show up in the side menu as a way to filter the list of submissions, tick this option.
  • Is Project Specific - This checkbox refers to whether or not you want the information submitted to be available across all applicable projects, or not. If it is a project specific piece of documentation you are capturing for example, you would tick this box.
  • Is Associated With Specific Employer - If you are wanting Employers to be associated with the forms that are created, tick the checkbox - this will then bring up more settings to configure.
  • Is Available to Employer - Select whether you want Employer users to be able to access the section type when logged in using the  option,
  • Can Employer Create - You then need to select if you want them to create/submit documentation through this section.
  • Is Employer Created Items Approval Required - If you require main contractor reviews for anything submitted by a subcontractor, tick this option otherwise leave it if no review required. 
  • Is Modified Approved Items Re-Approval Required - This will mean any items that are modified after being approved, will revert back to pending for another main contractor review.

  • Next you can set up the Checklists to appear within the section. If you have ticked that the section Is Associated With Specific Employer, there will be three checklists you can set up (two of them for either Main Contractor or Subcontractor reviews), otherwise there will simply be one Shared Checklist to select.

  • To set up Custom Section Checklists, see Creating a Checklist - the process is similar to creating HSEQ inspection checklists, however for the Checklist Type you will be selecting Custom Section Checklist.
  • The Main Contractor Review Checklist will show up once an admin or standard user goes to review employer submitted data and documentation, and cannot be edited by Employer users.
  • The Subcontractor Review Checklist will be available to employers, allowing you to get them to review the details they've entered themselves, prior to submitting.
  • The Shared Checklist along with any custom fields configured below, will be available to view and edit for both Main Contractor and Employer users.
  • Set up any custom fields to be included and completed within the form but outside of the checklists (for some guidance on custom fields, see Custom Fields Explained)
  • Note: If you use the Expiry Date field, this will link to the Upcoming Services, Expiring Licenses dashboard to help you keep track.
  • Select Save Changes once complete.
  • Below is an example of what a REGISTERS section could look like, with two associated section types shown in menu:

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