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Checking Worker's Status in Company Overview

You can check the status of all your company's inducted workers under Company Overview, by navigating to Personnel > All Workers and viewing the list. Click on Details of the worker.


Checking Worker's Status in Specific Project

You can check the status of all your company's registered workers within a specific project, by navigating to Personnel > All Workers and viewing the list. You will see two columns showing a Test Status and an Approval Status. 


A worker's test status will either show as Test Completed/Test Passed or Test Incomplete - in cases where a worker's test is incomplete you can either email them the induction link or get them to go through a quick registration. (For instructions, see the links below).

The second Status column will either show as  Awaiting Approval, Approved (awaiting signature), Approved, or Rejected, and is based on a review by the main contractor/builder. Ensure all licenses have been uploaded, and the test is complete prior to attending the site and being reviewed.

You can also view a worker's status within their profile (to access a worker's full profile, select the Details button in the list view). If they have been approved by the main contractor, you will also see the approval date and who they were approved by - this info is displayed at the very top of the profile page.



Test Passed = An induction was passed as part of completing that specific induction, this could be a company or project Induction.

Test Complete = They've completed the induction. This may be a case where they had already done a company induction previously (and it's still current, thus is complete), or it was manually marked off as having been completed.


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