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To create and complete an inspection against a permit, you first need to make sure there are Inspection Types set up that have been associated with the Permit Type, (see Setting Up Permit Inspections)

There are two ways to start an inspection against a Permit: through the active Permit itself, or through the Start New Inspection option underneath HSEQ Inspections in the left hand menu.

Starting the Inspection within the Permit:

  • Navigate to the active permit within Permits > View All - the second column will show the status of the permit. An active permit is one that has been 'Started' within the specified permit times, and will have a status of 'In Progress' (see below).


  • Select the Permit that's in progress and then navigate to the Options in the top right corner. You will see any Inspections that are associated with the Permit Type, and if you click on one of the options, you will start the inspection.


Starting the Inspection from HSEQ Inspections:

  • Select the Start New Inspection option below HSEQ Inspections, then select the Inspection Type that has been associated with any Permit Types.
  • Fill out the rest of the details (as necessary), and once you select Create you will be taken to another page where you can select the active Permit.
  • Choose the active Permit from the drop down and then select Create again
  • Note: If there are currently no permits that are in progress, the Permit drop down will be empty and you will not be able to create the inspection. Make sure a permit has been created and started. 


  • If you leave the page and need to navigate back to the Inspection it will appear under Active Inspections until you complete it, in which case it will show in the list of Completed Inspections.
  • From within the Inspection you will see the details of the associated Permit, and similarly you will be able to see any details of completed Inspections within the Permit they were created against. Select the Inspections from within the permit to get a popup of the completed inspection to view.


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