How Do Company Wide Identifiers Work?

When certain items in the system are created, a company wide identifier will be automatically assigned to them, allowing you to easily search for items in the system and use the identifiers as a reference in communication. For example, if you are trying to find an issue that someone is referring to, ask for the reference and type it in the Search Bar to be taken straight to the correct page to view it.

This identifier is currently assigned to all: Incidents, Injuries, Issues, Inspections, Permits, Bookings, Meetings, Safety Management Plans, and Bulletins that are created in the system.

You can see the unique identifiers in the list view of the above items under the 'Reference' or 'Ref' column heading, as well as on the individual forms once it has been created. You can see an example of this within the Incidents and Meetings lists below:



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