September 2019 - Product Update

Improvement - [SMM-4263] - Users can now add attendees to Meetings without navigating to the edit page first.

Improvement - [SMM-4177] - After an Issue has been raised, main contractor users can edit and assign additional responsible parties for easy duplication.

Improvement - [SMM-4213] - Ability to send email reminders to users assigned to child inspections.

Improvement - [SMM-4329] - Main contractor and employer users have a new dashboard option called 'My Inspections' to easily view and keep track of any inspections assigned to them.

Improvement - [SMM-4288] - Added the ability for main contractors to export the list of active and completed inspections to spreadsheet.

Improvement - [SMM-4344] - Image upload fields now displaying correctly in inspection reports.

Improvement - [SMM-4360] - Improved behaviour of the search when importing employers, to handle cases where there are a lot of similar named employers.

Improvement - [SMM-4327] - Employer users have the ability to deactivate their own workers at a project level when they have finished working on a site.

Improvement - [SMM-3956] - Ability for Company Admins to Reopen Completed Inspections

Improvement - [SMM-4326] - Added ability to see the serial number of equipment as well as make and model when importing.

Improvement - [SMM-4240] - New Employer filter added for main contractor users when importing equipment into a project.

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