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NOTE: This feature by default is not enabled. If this feature is not turned on in your system, please contact your Hammertech Account Manager to discuss.

Importing equipment works similarly to other sections within HammerTech, such as Personnel and Employers. If you have inducted a piece of equipment into one project, you are able to then import it across any other projects within the company's HammerTech system. 

Use the first section at the top of the Equipment page to search for equipment to import:


  • Select an Equipment Category (if applicable) and Equipment Type from the dropdowns, or use the Select By Picture option.
  • To narrow the search down further, you can select the Subcontractor who owns the equipment.
  • The Equipment list will populate with any equipment of that type that have been inducted elsewhere - scroll through or start typing where it says 'search' to narrow the list down until you find the relevant option. You can search by Make, Model, Registration, and Serial Number.
  • Select Import and now review any of the details that have carried across (company wide details) and fill in any additional project details, before saving or approving down the bottom of the page.

Note: There is a new setting under Administration > Equipment Types - 'Can Import to other project(s)?'. This should be used in cases where a type of equipment will never be imported between projects, for example Scaffolding. If the piece of equipment you're looking for doesn't show up, check this setting. Otherwise, make sure it does not have a draft or pending review status, as equipment cannot be imported unless it has already been reviewed elsewhere in the system.


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