November 2019 - Product Update

Improvement - [SMM-4320] - Within the issues list, users can now easily view the incident, inspection, or meeting where the issue was raised, just by clicking on it.

Improvement - [SMM-4422] - Admin users configuring the system can now easily clone (copy) checklists within checklist types.

Improvement - [SMM-4425] - Users can now export sign in device entries to pdf for a range of dates, previously they could only export a single day.

Improvement - [SMM-4322] - The permit status displayed on the 'Permit Summary' dashboard has been adjusted to be more informative.

Improvement - [SMM-3932] - The wording of the 'Create New' actions under menu items have been made more consistent.

Improvement - [SMM-4308] - When there are no meetings that can be created by employer users, the system won't offer them a 'Create New' button to reduce confusion.

Improvement - [SMM-4386] - Resolved an issue with the calculated hours in the statistics report which could effect 24 hour sites using the sign in tablet when workers hadn't signed out and automatic sign out was turned off.

Improvement - [SMM-4200] - Improved the text on some equipment pages to better use local language and spelling for both AU and US users.

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