November 2019 - Product Update 2

Improvement - [SMM-3671] - When searching for attendees to add to inspections, users will now easily be able to see whether the listed attendee is a worker or a user in the system (making HSEQ User Stats Report more accurate).

Improvement - [SMM-3999/SMM-4115] - The options available in the blue cog next to issues raised in inspections has been made more consistent for all user types within active and completed inspections.

Improvement - [SMM-4444] - Changed behaviour of the scroll bar within permits so that it stays unlocked when users are signing off, to resolve an issue with the scroll not responding after submitting a signature.

Improvement - [SMM-4433] - The pages to configure permit and booking zones have been updated to have a more consistent layout and better text localization.

Improvement - [SMM-3998] - Under 'Advanced Diagram Options', on the Permit and Booking Zone pages, added spaces to some of the labels and made the order of the options the same for both.

Improvement - [SMM-4432] - The icons that appear next to the options to Clone and Deactivate checklists have been updated to reflect the action.

Improvement - [SMM-3964] - The filter under personnel for workers with expired licenses and expired licenses in use is now working correctly for logged in employer users.

Improvement - [SMM-4423] - Admin users configuring inspection types can now select t

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