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When completing an HSEQ Inspection, it is possible to add attendees to the inspection either by using the Import option or manually searching and selecting the user or worker as an attendee. The user who creates the inspection as well as anyone who selects to 'Join Walk' will automatically be added as an Attendee, and will receive the report that is generated once the Inspection is marked complete.

To manually add an attendee:

  • Navigate to the inspection and scroll down past the checklists to the Attendees section (The inspection must still be considered active, and not complete to add attendees).
  • Select the orange +Add Attendee button


  • In the Add Attendee popup, you have the option to search for the user or worker you wish to add by typing their name. You can easily see the company they are associated with as well as their role (User - Admin/Standard/Employer or Worker) next to their Name (see below)
  • Select the correct person, and then scroll down and use the orange button to +Add Attendee


To import attendees:

  • Select Import using the arrow button next to +Add Attendee
  • This will allow you to Import the attendees from the most recent Inspection of the same type.
  • Select the tick-box for the personnel you wish to Import and then select the orange Import icon


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