March 2020 - Product Update

New Features and Improvements

Added ability to configure a logo for individual projects.

Admin users can now select whether a region should appear as a project filter option on the public page.

Where Regions are set up, logged in users will now see their projects grouped in their relevant Regions within the project dropdown to make it easier to locate specific projects.

Introduced ability to restrict access to sending SMS bulletins.

In US environments, the term 'Rental Company' is now used (instead of 'Hire Company') on the Equipment Induction pages.

When configuring distribution groups, a predefined group of 'All Workers' is now available.

In Permits, you can now select SWMS/JHA hyperlinks and view the details.

When completing an HSEQ Inspection that has Audit Scoring associated, you can now see the total score on the page and the total for each checklist while you are completing it (for Main/General Contractors).

For distribution groups set up at a company level, you can now send email bulletins from Company Overview.

Speed improvements have been made when importing a large list of workers, particularly on mobile devices.

A feature flag is now available that disables the "Create Projects" feature for regional admins.

For admin users creating a new project, you must now add the local timezone in the Project Timezone drop-down (default timezone is no longer available).

When configuring Custom Sections and selecting the applicable regions and/or projects, a tree structure is now available for better usability.

Bug Fixes

Several configuration issues with Custom Sections are now resolved.

SMS notifications are now fixed for all workers assigned to a child SWMS/JHA.

On new iPads/iPhones, when entering information into a form, the scroll no longer jumps to the top of the screen.

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