May 2020 - Product Update

New Fixes and Improvements

WEB-88 - Workers can now scan a QR Code for touchless sign-in and sign-out on the HammerTech Sign-in app.

WEB-84 - Admin users can configure checklists that workers need to complete when signing in or out using the Sign-in app.

MOB-1 - We have updated the design and features of the Sign-in App and made it available on iOS.

WEB-104 - We have introduced a touchless induction sign-off option that can send an SMS or email to a worker to register for an Induction.

SMM-4642 - When viewing an Employer's profile on a project level, Main Contractors can now see a list of any inspections that have been completed against Employers.

WEB-102 - Once a Meeting has been created, the meeting PDF can now be sent to all Attendees.

WEB-90 - Workers can now scan a QR Code to sign in as an Attendee for a Meeting (touchless).

WEB-55 - When using the Sign-In App, all signed in workers and/or visitors for today can now be added as attendees to Meetings.

WEB-143 - The layout of the agenda in meetings now includes line breaks.

WEB-7 - Users now have the option to import a location hierarchy from an Excel or csv file, into their project.

WEB-64 - We have added a Support menu item within HammerTech with a link to support articles.

SMM-4158 - We have added a sub-menu item of View All under Issues, to easily see all issues within the project.

WEB-197 - We have introduced a restriction to stop duplicate bulletins from being sent too close together, to prevent spamming users/workers.

WEB-38 - Users can now see the progress of checklists when completing an Inspection.

WEB-37 - Questions can now be excluded from a checklist's status progress.

Bug Fixes 

WEB-144 - The region filter on the public page is now working correctly working if the project search bar is disabled.

WEB-131 - Workers can now sign in using the QR code if the project name contains certain special characters (# or &).

WEB-185 - When raising an issue on some devices, issue photos are now showing in the correct orientation.

WEB-149 - The Meetings header is now displaying correctly on smaller devices (mobile and tablet).

WEB-155 - The clock time picker now works correctly on all pages.

WEB-186 - The Outstanding Issues dashboard is now displaying correctly in Company Overview.




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