May 2020 - Product Update

Thank you for your patience while we update our screenshots to the new look. The functionality remains the same, just the look has changed.

New Fixes and Improvements

WEB-88 - Workers can now scan a QR Code for touchless sign-in and sign-out on the HammerTech Sign-in app.

WEB-84 - Admin users can configure checklists that workers need to complete when signing in or out using the Sign-in app.

MOB-1 - We have updated the design and features of the Sign-in App and made it available on iOS.

WEB-104 - We have introduced a touchless induction sign-off option that can send an SMS or email to a worker to register for an Induction.

SMM-4642 - When viewing an Employer's profile on a project level, Main Contractors can now see a list of any inspections that have been completed against Employers.

WEB-102 - Once a Meeting has been created, the meeting PDF can now be sent to all Attendees.

WEB-90 - Workers can now scan a QR Code to sign in as an Attendee for a Meeting (touchless).

WEB-55 - When using the Sign-In App, all signed in workers and/or visitors for today can now be added as attendees to Meetings.

WEB-143 - The layout of the agenda in meetings now includes line breaks.

WEB-7 - Users now have the option to import a location hierarchy from an Excel or csv file, into their project.

WEB-64 - We have added a Support menu item within HammerTech with a link to support articles.

SMM-4158 - We have added a sub-menu item of View All under Issues, to easily see all issues within the project.

WEB-197 - We have introduced a restriction to stop duplicate bulletins from being sent too close together, to prevent spamming users/workers.

WEB-38 - Users can now see the progress of checklists when completing an Inspection.

WEB-37 - Questions can now be excluded from a checklist's status progress.

Bug Fixes 

WEB-144 - The region filter on the public page is now working correctly working if the project search bar is disabled.

WEB-131 - Workers can now sign in using the QR code if the project name contains certain special characters (# or &).

WEB-185 - When raising an issue on some devices, issue photos are now showing in the correct orientation.

WEB-149 - The Meetings header is now displaying correctly on smaller devices (mobile and tablet).

WEB-155 - The clock time picker now works correctly on all pages.

WEB-186 - The Outstanding Issues dashboard is now displaying correctly in Company Overview.




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