Configuring After Sign-In Test Questions

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Within HammerTech, it is possible to configure After Sign-In Test Questions and have a user record the results against individual workers and/or visitors that have signed in via the HT Sign-In App.

The questions are Pass/Fail with the option of adding a free text field to enter relevant details or results.


Note: Sign-In Test Questions can be configured at a company level (the same questions across all projects) or at a regional level (different test questions for 1 or all regions).

  1. Log in to HammerTech
  2. Go to Administration > Sign-in Test Questions
  3. Select from the following options:
    • Select Default to set up a company level checklist
    • Select one of the Regions configured to set up specific test questions for that region (including any sub-regions)
  4. Select Add/Edit Questions from the blue cog in the top right corner
  5. Use the blue +Add a question button to start adding test questions
  6. Enter the question text you want to appear, and then select the Question Type - either Pass/Fail Radio, or Free Text.
  7. Select Save Changes once you have finished adding questions - you will now be able to see a preview of the questions you have configured.


To see how to record results against signed in workers in the Daily Report, go to Recording After Sign-In Test Results

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