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You can configure a checklist for workers to complete when conducting their Enrollment and Orientation.
The checklist questions will appear after any content or questions that have been configured as part of the Orientation section, and any responses will appear on their profile to review.

Instructions to create an Orientation Checklist

  1. Log in and go to ADMINISTRATION > Checklist Types
  2. Select the '+' button in the top right corner to add a checklist
  3. Select Orientation Checklist from the Type field
  4. Type the name for the checklist
  5. Type a display name, if required. This will be the name that shows within the Orientation, whereas the Checklist Name is used to help organize and order your checklists within the system. 
  6. Select if you wish the checklist to be hidden from the main list
  7. Select the blue 'Add Checklist Question' button - you will have the option of adding the following question types to your orientation checklist:

Instructions to link the Orientation Checklist to the Orientation Section

Once you have created your orientation checklist, you will need to link the checklist with an orientation section.

  1. Log in and go to ADMINISTRATION > Orientation Settings
  2. Select the relevant Company Region or Project from the list
  3. Select Settings from the Options button next to the specific orientation section
  4. Select the Checklist you want to add from the Checklist drop-down

  5. Save Changes
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