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Upon navigating to the homepage of the relevant company and project, there are two ways to commence the orientation process:

1) The first is to select the blue 'Begin Enrollment' button on the bottom right of the page;


2) The second, which is generally easiest on a mobile device, navigate using the left-hand menu and select Enrollment.



Next, you will need to enter some initial personal details and verify your cell number:

1) Enter your personal details, including your correct cell phone number.
2) Use the Captcha to verify.


3) Once you select Enroll a verification code will be sent to the cell number entered - enter this on the next page and select Verify Enrollment.
Note: if you do not receive the code within 3 minutes you will see a Resend code option, if you are still having Observations ensure you have entered the correct cell number and country.


4) After verifying your cell, there are three possible results:

    • If all your personal details match an approved worker in the system, you will be able to update your licences and complete any new company, region, or project orientation content (if configured), otherwise you will receive a msg that your orientation is complete.


    • If your cell number matches an approved worker in the system, but some other details you entered do not match (Name or DOB) you will be given the option to Proceed to First Enrollment, or Try Again. Select Try Again to go back and adjust the Name or DOB entered. Otherwise, proceed to first Enrollment to create a new profile for yourself.


    • If your cell number does not match any approved workers in the system you will see a New Enrollment message, with the option to Proceed to First Enrollment or Go Back. If you believe you have already completed an Enrollment for this builder, speak to the primary contact for your company or a user from the General Contractor so that they can check your previous Enrollment details. (Cell must match your previous orientation, and you must have been previously approved) 


If you are Proceeding to First Enrollment, see: Proceeding to Full Enrollment



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