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Log in to HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then using the left-hand menu navigate to SDS > Import

Up to 20 SDS can be imported at a time. Narrow down the available SDS list by searching for the SDS Keyword, selecting the Project the SDS was previously used on, or selecting the Employer who created the SDS. Click View to open an SDS details window. 

Tick Exclude Expired to remove expired SDS from the available SDS list.


To select an SDS for importing, tick the box next to the desired SDS.

Selected SDS will move to a separate panel titled Selected SDS where a combined list can be cultivated before import. Continue to search for SDS using different Keywords, Projects, and Employers and the Selected SDS panel will be added to until the maximum of 20 SDS has been reached. 

Note: The importing process is importing a previous copy of the SDS from a project, this is not pulling from a centralized library of SDS. Only the most recently modified version of the SDS will appear, for older versions, search the last known project or employer. 

Once all desired SDS have been selected, click Import to bring them onto the project.  


Note: SDS imported by General Contractor users will be imported and automatically Approved. SDS imported by Employer users will be imported in a status of Pending Review and will need to be approved by a General Contractor user. See SDS > Review And Approve / Reject

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