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In order to provide HammerTech customers greater visibility over inducted/approved workers, we have added functionality to view where a worker has added a new license OR updated any of their existing license details.

This is great for not only being aware of COVID vaccination updates but for any license details that have been added or edited since the worker was approved.

Applicable users:   

General Contractor users

Applicable access:

Standard or Admin users with NO access to Confidential Data = limited view only
Standard or Admin users WITH access to Confidential Data = full view & approval

Via Personnel list - an orange license icon will appear on the right-hand side.

NOTE: There is a new filter item that you can select, called 'Approved (licenses updated)' that allows you to view only workers that have this one flag displayed.


Via Signed In Workers Dashboard - an orange license icon will appear against the signed-in worker on the dashboard. For more information about the Signed In Workers Dashboard, please CLICK HERE

When you select a worker with this icon from the list, a popup will appear showing the licence/s that have changed since their approval, with an option to Confirm or Cancel.

However, you first need to click on View Confidential Data before you can select Confirm. Enter a reason for viewing the data or select the default option - 'Reviewing licence updates'

Check the license details are correct and select the Confirm button - this will clear the Updated Licence icon from the Personnel list for that worker and from the Signed In Workers Dashboard.

If the license details are not correct, you can select Cancel and Edit the worker's license details using the Options cog in the top right corner of their profile - this will also clear the Updated Licence icon for that worker.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not have access to Confidential Data on the project you will only be able to see the license that has changed. However, no further details will appear. Therefore, you cannot acknowledge the changes or clear the Updated Licence icon from the list for any workers.



If required, you can export your personnel list into Excel and there will be a column titled 'Updated Licenses'. This may be helpful if you require external records for any reason.





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