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When creating Pre-Task Plans in the system, and when logged in as a Main Contractor user, PTPs can be created and approved in one step, or can be submitted for approval by another user.

The steps below explain how you can create and complete a Pre-Task Plan. 

To Create a Pre-Task Plan:

  • Login to Hammertech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left-hand menu > PRE-TASK PLANS > Create New
  • Enter the Work Date & Time, select the submitting Employer, and enter the Title 
  • Select Create to go into the Pre-Task Plan form


  • Enter a Description of Work if needed
  • Select Submit and Approve Review to approve the PTP when submitting it, or select Just Submit to submit the PTP for approval at a later time


  • Select the Location of the work for this PTP
  • For the Task List, select Add to create a task from scratch. Enter Description, and select who the task is Assigned To 
    • Note: to utilize Tasks added to the Company Database, select the next to Add. Select Add From Template to go into the Add New Task modal. From here you can select multiple tasks at a time and search for tasks from the database. Select Add to add these to the Task List in the PTP.
  • Once a task has been completed, it can be crossed off by clicking the tick box from the PTP Details page. 


  • For Hazard Controls, select the blue + to add a new Hazard with Controls. 
    • From the Hazards modal select a Hazard, or enter a custom hazard by using the free text field at the bottom of the list. Click Next to start adding Controls. 


    • From the Controls modal, select all desired pre-configured control measures, or use the Add Another button to add a custom Control. Select Confirm to add these to the Hazard Control panel in the PTP. 



  • Enter any configured Additional Details
  • Select Associated Permits that will be utilized during the work covered by this PTP
  • Select Associated Equipment that will be utilized during the work 
  • Select Associated JHAs that will be utilized during the work 
  • For Worker Assignment, click the blue + to add workers to this PTP. Select Signed-In Workers, or Signed-In Visitors to bring attendees over from the Sign-In Book, select Personnel from the provided drop-down, or add custom names in the (Other) Name field. Select Add. 
    • Note: Attendee Locations can be added from the Pre-Task Plan details page. 


  • Add any Observations that may have been discussed during the Pre-Task Plan session.
  • Finally, If the option to Submit and Approve option was selected, the configured Review Checklist will be available at the bottom of the form. 
  • Select Save to submit the Pre-Task Plan and go into the submitted PTPs detail page. 


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